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Excited Children

The Learning Hub is an Ofsted registered school that has been motivating students for over ten years. A results oriented tuition centre, the principle objective is to help children achieve their full academic potential. To develop essential exam skills we offer structured programs for navigating the 11+ and GCSE.  We also cover key syllabus topics in our range of comprehensive classes from Key stage 1 to Key stage 4.


“Every child has the right to a good education. With competition increasing, good tuition is essential.”

Rakesh Joshi, Head Teacher

What We Deliver

Give us a child who is struggling at school for 12 months and we will get them to excel. Starting with an assessment, we gage the level of a student before meeting with parents to discuss the most appropriate group for them. Meetings help structure a study plan for home.

We provide all the essentials needed for tuition to run smoothly:

  • Lesson materials including books and folders
  • Dedicated, qualified teachers
  • Personalized meetings with parents to discuss student progress


What Families Experience

Our students and parents go on a journey with us from struggling with the basics to becoming skilled masters.

We work with parents to achieve successful results both at home and in the classroom. With a track record that speaks for itself, we prepare children for the brightest futures possible!

“I wanted to thank you for your work with Louis. He used to be behind in class and I was worried about him. This week he got 100% on his Maths mock paper and was given a special award. We also received three offers from schools yesterday, one offered a 100% scholarship the other 50% off fees!”

Heidi (Parent, 2019)

The Student Journey

Most students join us at a young age. Learning in a productive environment allows them to develop confidence. As they understand more in the upcoming months they move ahead in school, boosting their overall level.

Usually after 6-12 months a vast improvement in attitude to learning as well as grades is noticeable.


Parental Partnership

Parents are the lifeline that links a student’s home life to their studies.

Working together we ensure students learn independent study methods, critical thinking and a joy for education.

Children come to The Learning Hub to excel in a wide range of subjects from the core topics of Maths, English and Science to Computer Hard based on Raspberry Pi and Web Design. Our varied and focused teaching caters to a wide number of students finding the best within them. Students attain outstanding results in their end of year exams, with a high number becoming part of the gifted scheme at their respective schools. We are OFSTED registered and run our classes after-school, offering many different subjects. We teach children aged 6 to 18:

  • Maths
  • English
  • Science
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Non Verbal Reasoning
  • ICT and
  • Public Speaking

Outstanding Results

We ensure that your child is given the skills to learn effectively and acheive outstanding results in examinations as well as day to day life.

Individual Attention

We aim to keep class sizes small, ensuring we give your child the individual attention and support they deserve in order to help them excel academically.

Professional Teaching

Our teaching staff have years of experience. They don't just teach, they make the subject matter come alive, allowing your child to fully engage and learn in a fun and interactive environment.

Safe Environment

We've invested heavily in our classrooms and offices ensuring they provide the atmosphere that is optimal for learning.