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11+ Mock Exams for Grammar and Independent Schools (London & Home Counties)

This is a reminder that The Learning Hub is now taking bookings for its renowned 11plus Mock Exams and places are filling up very fast. Our experience of previous years have shown that many parents in the past have felt that their child had missed out on these crucial exams as places are allocated on a first come first served basis.

As Grammar and Independent Schools places have become very limited due to the large demand these exams generate the 11plus Mock Exams are now a crucial part of the 11plus preparation and designed to broaden the experience for the child as it is targeted towards them having a more structured and logically approach.

Remember that in some areas there are 12 students competing for every place and as demand for grammar school places soars this situation will only get worse.

By sitting our 11plus Mock Exam in April and June, you will be able to understand your child’s strengths and weaknesses and where to best focus their revision in the coming months. Our statistics prove that students who sit 11plus Mock Exams will ‘on average’ see their Exam scores increase by 15 – 20% at their next exam sitting. This can be the difference between you succeeding at your first choice school and not scoring enough marks to gain a grammar school place.

The 11plus exams are designed to be realistic and will last for approximately 3.5 hours in total with breaks and the subjects covered will be:

Verbal Reasoning

These Mock exams are also an important feedback indicator to parents on what is required for their child to be successful in the final ones. With FULL review of the papers given to the students the following week and papers given to students to take home.

For further information and dates or in order to book either send a reply to this email or contact us 020 8908 0123.

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