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11plus London – Appeal for 11plus Grammar Schools

The most significant part of the Appeal form as mentioned earlier is the Grounds of Appeal and you need to be clear what issues you are addressing.

  • Admission Criteria – not reaching a score high enough to gain a place
  • Non-qualification
  • Maladministration – that deprived your child of a place
  • Oversubscribed
  • Combination of above

Whatever grounds you decide to appeal upon, you will need support your reason with good solid evidence and present your case coherently.

The process can be highly emotional and stressful, caused by the pressures brought about by other children that you know been offered a place and your child being left stranded.

There are now some of legal experts who for a fee provide services from form filling to representation at an appeal hearing, personally they are feeding on parental emotions and to-date have not come across anyone that we could recommend.

If as a parent you still require then contact us at The Learning Hub by email on and we shall try and help you free of charge.

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