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11plus (11+) Grammar School Review in Kent then London??

It is reported that Kent County Council is going to review its 11-plus tests as its figures showed that 10% of offers at grammar schools went to pupils from private schools when fewer than 6% children in Kent are educated in private schools.

One has to ask, ‘What is going on?’ Parents are badgered by the media, politicians and papers everyday that they must do more for their children. Here we have a situation where parents are doing their level best by sending their child for 11plus tuition and then penalised by a Local Borough for exactly doing that and, in all this ‘hurrah’. No one seems to understand that Kent and it’s surrounding Boroughs are all in England and that their is one national education system. Why do politicians want to start segregating when its suitable to gain votes? Why can’t we all work for one common cause that will be benefit this country and it’s people.

In this case, we are looking at young innocent children whose parents happen to work hard, sacrifice their spare time to pay for the tuition fees and then once again only to find their child is to be held back .It is universally appreciated that children have a right to good quality education; it should not matter where they live only that they are capable of benefiting from it.

At The Learning Hub we have an excellent track record in helping children from the age of 6 to 16. We cover everything from KeyStage 1, KeyStage 2, Keystage 3, KeyStage 4 and GCSEs. As a tuition centre of Excellence specialising in 11plus tuition in Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non Verbal Reasoning and have helped hundred of children to achieve their goal of gaining a place in a grammar school or an independent school.

Our advise is always the same to all the parents, don’t get distracted by the politicians, media, etc. Your child only has one life , let them live this to the full by giving them a good head start in their education by giving them good tuition. Check our website and let us help your child. Contact us on 020 8908 0123, now.

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One to One Tuition in London from 11plus to GCSEs

Further on my article about people paying up to £300 per hour for a so called ‘Super Tutor‘. I can confirm after many parents enquired at The Learning Hub centre in London as to what we charge and provide that we charge only a very small fraction of the price charged by these so called super tutors.

In simplistic terms, as an examination centre for Edexcel and Oxford & Cambridge, we are in an unique position to advise and guide students on the demands and requirements of the latest GCSE syllabus and the many changes that have came through in the last few months.

All our teachers are fully qualified and CRB checked and operate under preset guidelines to help the students achieve the best from our one to one competitively priced sessions.

At The Learning Hub we specialise in all aspects of tuition from one to one to group tuition and at all levels from 11plus, to KS1, KS2, KS3, GCSE and ‘A’ levels.

If you feel you need to really why we are good then check us out by calling us on 020 8908 0123 or if you wish to read article in The Independent then follow the link  –  (more…)

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GCSEs Tuition London – 100% Track Record

The national average for GCSEs as revealed by The Department for Educations is 58.9%; with the average for Brent being 62% and Harrow a slightly higher 65%. Whilst both boroughs are doing above average, The Learning Hub Group, an examination centre for Oxford & Cambridge (OCR) and Edexcel has now achieved their personal best of 100% in GCSEs for the last 5 years in a row.

The Learning Hub currently teaches Maths, English, Hinduism and ICT in group and one to one tuition and at special request it also provides group tuition in Physics and Chemistry. The Hubs success lies in its ability to get the best out of the children and helping them to understand subject in a clear and precise manner.

As part of our approach we always try to ensure the student accompanies our assessment meeting with their parents or guardians as the feedback provided is very important and helpful to both parties.

To organise an assessment or to get more information, please ring 020 8908 0123 or have a look at our website.

A full set of schools GCSE results can be obtained from The Telegraph website:

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