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Grammar School Places – time to start registering your interest!

For all those parents aiming to get their child into the best possible school we have a handy guide featuring all of the local grammar schools that will be of interest.

One way to support and prepare your child is to enrol them onto our Mock exam preparation course. We have only 3 exam dates left this year so book before they are gone. The first session is an exam to test your child’s knowledge. This is followed by another session which goes through the paper giving children detailed feedback on their errors and tips on how to answer the questions, as well as what to include to get the higher marks.

                                                  Mock Exam Booking Form and Dates

Just click on the school you are interested in below to get more information about 11+ exam dates, admissions procedures and school brochures. All of this information is vital to help ensure that your child gets a place at the school of their choice!

Queen Elizabeth’s Boys School

The Henrietta Barnet School

St Michael’s Catholic Grammar School

Upton Court Grammar School

Langley Grammar School

Aylesbury Grammar School (Boys)

Aylesbury Grammar School (Girls)

Beaconsfield Grammar School

Tiffin School

Watford Grammar School for Boys

Watford Grammar School for Girls

The Latymer School

Mill Hill County High School

Chesham Grammar School

Sutton Grammar School

Tiffin Girls School

Herschel Grammar School

Dr Challoner’s Grammar School

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11+ Mock Exams June 2018 Session

11 plus mock exam was successful this weekend. Children were extremely excited and little nervous. The fear of exams is fading away slowly and gradually with each Mock exam.  Children are getting better and more confident but still many small mistakes which can easily take away their only chance to get through.

The Learning Hub 11plus mock exams offer children a unique experience of a simulated Grammar school 11plus exam conditions and excellent for a child’s preparation. Our experience has shown that children become very uncomfortable with the prospect of sitting an exam, especially when in a room filled with strangers. This frequently result in some distress or worry on the child and many good and able children then freeze up whilst doing their 11plus exams, causing them to fail when success was theirs for the taking. By sitting a number of our high quality 11plus mock exams, children are able to become familiar of the exam-type setting, this in turn reduces their worry and stress; allowing them to engage fully.

Two sessions have finished and three more to go (June, July and August) before the actual exam in September.

As we approach the final months of the preparation for the Grammar school exams, The Learning Hub is running its hugely successful 11+ Mock Exams in Maths, English & Verbal Reasoning. Each paper is designed to stretch the child utilising our unique 11plus IQ material to maximise this experience.

The exams for various schools have now changed and the competition increased tremendously. Statistics shows that children who have had experience of taking part in good Mock exams are more:

  • Relaxed
  • Confident
  • Assertive
  • & Average 15% more in the actual paper.

Spoke to few children and parents to get some feedback. It helps them to overcome the fear of 11 plus exam by doing these exams.

Next Mock Exam is on 3rd June 2018 to reserve you place call us now on 0208 908 0123

There is still time for three more sessions to get you ready for your big day.



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Easter Workshops: Boost your child’s potential!


With children facing so many challenges at school, tuition can be that beneficial step to help them cope with unfamiliar workloads or complicated new information. The advantages of private tuition are so well known that most parents now use private tuition.  Learning Hub teachers show students new approaches and methods, as well as how to ’embrace’ any new tasks with which they are faced. Our teachers are able to provide guidance in time management, with which children can better organise their increasingly pressured life.

Our Easter workshops take place over two weeks allowing your child to build up momentum when faced with new or difficult concepts. They will learn effectively over time, practising our tips to success so that by week 2 they become almost second nature. They will benefit from the attention of the teacher as well as becoming motivated by their success throughout the course. For more information call our administration staff on 0208 908 0123.

Contact details are here.

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Childcare Voucher Scheme, time is running out!

Parents are you interested in saving money that goes towards childcare costs such as extra tuition? To learn more about financial support offered to working parents by the government, have a look at our video below!


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11plus Exams – Can CEM really make them tutor-proof?

Many schools in the home counties are now dumping the 11plus Exams centred around the GL Assessment papers (formally known as Nfer Nelson) and Bond papers for the ‘new’ CEM type papers which are meant to be tutor-proof. The question now being raised is , ‘Why were so many children and parents alike in tears?’ and ‘Why has the demand for these ‘over-night’ CEM tutors increased dramatically where parents are now paying extortionate fees for their time?’.

The myth of CEM being tutor-proof will remain as such, as The Guardian points out that children from state school seemed to have fared even worse than before. All tests require tuition and when a child is taught the subject matter in an enjoyable environment that child will thrive.

At The Learning Hub, we provide a comprehensive syllabus to suit all type of children and schools. The material contains all aspects of Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning & Non Verbal Reasoning, with the latter being reduce in favour of more English. This redesigning of our courses allows us to bring in more CEM type questions and tests. With it, more regular assessment of the child to ensure their understanding and ability to answer questions in quick bursts is fast and accurate.

Whilst parents are paying extortionate fees for these over-night CEM tutors, the children at The Learning Hub under the guidance of Mr Rakesh Joshi, a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (M.NLP) and a very successful teacher having personally taught over 820 children to a successful conclusion into the grammar school of their choice. He now works systematically with children at our Hub, guiding them and encouraging them to their to end goal of success.

To find out more then The Learning Hub either by telephone on 020 8908 0123 or by email on, 16 September 2014

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11+ Mock Exams for Grammar and Independent Schools (London & Home Counties)

This is a reminder that The Learning Hub is now taking bookings for its renowned 11plus Mock Exams and places are filling up very fast. Our experience of previous years have shown that many parents in the past have felt that their child had missed out on these crucial exams as places are allocated on a first come first served basis.

As Grammar and Independent Schools places have become very limited due to the large demand these exams generate the 11plus Mock Exams are now a crucial part of the 11plus preparation and designed to broaden the experience for the child as it is targeted towards them having a more structured and logically approach.

Remember that in some areas there are 12 students competing for every place and as demand for grammar school places soars this situation will only get worse.

By sitting our 11plus Mock Exam in April and June, you will be able to understand your child’s strengths and weaknesses and where to best focus their revision in the coming months. Our statistics prove that students who sit 11plus Mock Exams will ‘on average’ see their Exam scores increase by 15 – 20% at their next exam sitting. This can be the difference between you succeeding at your first choice school and not scoring enough marks to gain a grammar school place.

The 11plus exams are designed to be realistic and will last for approximately 3.5 hours in total with breaks and the subjects covered will be:

Verbal Reasoning

These Mock exams are also an important feedback indicator to parents on what is required for their child to be successful in the final ones. With FULL review of the papers given to the students the following week and papers given to students to take home.

For further information and dates or in order to book either send a reply to this email or contact us 020 8908 0123.

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11+ Mock Exams Results – Grammar & Independent Schools – Henrietta Barnet, QE Boys & Bucks

August 12 – 11+ Mock Test Results

 The August 2012 mock tests went down well with the children enjoying and appreciating the whole experience. Confidence is now rocketing sky high with the children seeing the fruits of their hard work and the benefits in their improvements.

Our congratulation goes to all the students who took part for their enthusiasm and dedication. It was great to see them all mentally focussed and working hard during the exams.

Overall, we found all the children had improved since the July Mock Test by many Reasoning Quotient points but a special mention goes to the following students whose improvement was on average greater than 22 Reasoning Quotient Points:

Amrita Arneja, Aza Ismail, Abhay Bhakta, Dhruti Vijay, Farhia Rashid, Het Patel, Jennifer Jaison, Mitul Shah, Mishaliy Radhakrishnan, Nidhi Ladhani, Riya Kulkarni, Saad Khurshid, Shria Morjania, Yagnesh Patel and Yogesh Patel.

The top 5 individuals:

1st Position – Farhia Rashid                                 Average Score: 389

2nd Position – Lauren Mshiu                               Average Score: 382

3rd Position – Saad Khurshid                              Average Score: 373

4rd Position – Payal Shah                                      Average Score: 369

5th Position – Humzah Hameed                          Average Score: 368

 Can these students please report to Mr Joshi office to collect their special prize!

The target for the children should be to gain 390 out of the possible 420 points in order to be certain in securing a place in a grammar school. The good news is that the marks are moving clearly upwards and many children have found the Summer Workshops beneficial. In the follow-up review, the children did realise their marks should have been higher were it not for all the silly mistakes and unanimously requested another Mock Exam in September. Probably due to the fact the experience is found to be highly beneficial in boosting their confidence and in reducing their exam nerves.

In response to this, we have therefore created a Special 11+ Mock Exams for Monday 3rd September 2012 in time to ensure they get some good solid experience prior to the actual 11+ Exams in September. The Mock Exams will be held at The Learning Hub at 5:00pm and parents are encouraged to register their child as soon as possible.

For further details please telephone 020 8908 0123.

IMPORTANT: We request that you kindly do not make copies of the Mock Test papers and pass them to other people as they will be used again in next year’s mock tests. Having these papers in circulation will ruin the opportunity for next year’s students to sit a paper they have never seen before in Exam Condition. Due to this risk, we are always tempted to withhold these papers, but we genuinely feel that things like returning them to parents help make The Learning Hub a centre of Excellence. The returning of the papers also allows parents to go through with their child and discover areas that require the most practice.

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The Learning Hub is…

The Learning Hub is…

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