Key Stage 2


Key Stage 2 is a continuum of Key Stage 1 and the sections of the programme of study between English and Maths should interrelate from Key Stage 1 as set out in the national curriculum.


Throughout this mathematics programme, the pupils at The Learning Hub follow the national Curriculum by being engaged in a wide range of purposeful activities. These include involving pupils to different modes of learning – exploring, investigating, talking, listening, discussing, questioning, reflecting, drafting and reading. All required to ensure that the child experiences wide set for successful education.

During this process we continually match the ability and stage of development of the pupil to include both independent and co-operative work by regular assessments. We enhance this process through the utilisation of our unique set of materials to bring together different areas of mathematics and to help develop good mental skills.


Pupils at The Learning Hub are encouraged to develop the ability to express and communicate meaning in spoken language, listening to and interpreting what others say and matching style and response to audience, context and purpose. To help this and stimulate the children to develop the technique required, teachers create a classroom atmosphere in which pupils feel relaxed and where they are accepted and affirmed.

Children are positively encouraged to engage in conversation using appropriate vocabulary to expressing their ideas towards structuring and justifying their ideas whilst talking with confidence. At the same time they should be aware of their audience by including relevant detail in their talk and concentrate whilst listening.