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Congratulations to our students for passing their 11+!

We at the Learning Hub are very proud of the students who have managed to get through the incredibly hard first round of the 11 plus exams. These students have worked hard coming to extra workshops in the Summer and Winter just to make sure that they can excel in their 11+ exams this year.

2019 is the ninth consecutive year when our students have excelled in their 11+ exams. To the delight of parents and teachers our students have worked hard, remained motivated and gone the extra mile. It is another record breaking year here at the Hub. Most of these students have been with us for many years, the chance to practice and develop their skills with us has resulted in overwhelming success. Just see the graph below!

How teachers help

The environment we create for learning is dynamic and challenges students to achieve their true potential. Breaking down complex ideas from the syllabus we ensure students have a basic understanding before moving on to more difficult questions. We help students reach their potential overcoming obstacles such as how to approach questions and when specific knowledge should be used.

Bringing out the best in our students

We express high expectations for every student; this allows students to become self-motivated and try to work to the best of their ability. We listen to student’s needs to ensure we approach every lesson effectively. The organisation and structure of our lessons has been developed to best communicate vast amounts of knowledge and continually test our student’s ability. All of this helps inspire students to achieve the excellence reflected by our exam results.

If you would like to know more then call our staff on 0208 908 0123 and find out what we offer!

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