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1. What makes you better than the other tuition providers?

2. Which type of children attend tuition classes?

3. Do you employ fully qualified teachers?

4. Does my child require any extra tuition outside school?

5. What is your experience in this sector?

6. Will my child be score top at the end of a 9 week booking session?

7. What do you teach?

8. How do you know what level my child is?

9. What if my child finds the work to easy?

10. Where can we find you?


1. What makes you better than the other tuition providers?

  • Small group work benefits all children. At The Learning Hub, the ratio of pupils to staff is never more than 12 to 1, so help is always near to hand.
  • We employ qualified experienced Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2 teachers. Our system is based on working in small groups of children working with qualified and professional staff. We believe that it is important for young children to feel the safety of a group with more than one adult present.
  • We offer tuition in our fully equipped, purpose built classroom. The teachers have access to all popular work schemes, a fully stocked library and educational software.
  • We guarantee our staff to pupil ratios to ensure the quality of our service.
  • We provide all appropriate work materials that are compliant with and supportive of the latest National Curriculum and SATs.
  • As an Examination Centre for Oxford & Cambridge and also Edexcel makes unique in that we have access to all the latest changes in the syllabuses, examination material, teacher training courses and many more.

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2. Which type of children attend tuition classes?

  • Bright children who need a higher level of academic work.
  • Average children whose parents feel that they need more practice in the ‘basics’.
  • Children who have fallen behind the rest of their class and need to spend time on the foundations of numeracy and literacy.

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3. Do you employ fully qualified teachers?

  • We only employ fully qualified, experienced teachers who are CRB checked.
  • We never employ graduates without a teaching qualification, or student teachers.

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4.Does my child require any extra tuition outside school?

  • Bright children need work that challenges them and helps them to realise their potential.
  • Average children will often find that challenging areas of study are soon conquered with individualised help.
  • Children who have fallen behind will enjoy working in a small group where work is set according to their individual needs, and help is always available.

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5. What is your experience in this sector?

  • We have now more than 7 years of experience of providing Group Tuition to Primary children.
  • We have achieved an excellent reputation, particularly for our professional structured  programme of 11 plus preparation. We develop specialised materials for children and have an excellent range of ability-appropriate materials in all subjects.
  • At The Learning Hub we provide all the materials your child needs, so you don’t have to provide any ‘extras’.
  • We help children from all parts of London and surrounding counties like Middlesex, Essex, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Kent.

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6.  Will my child be score top at the end of a 9 week booking session?

  • Tuition will result in a gradual improvement of the child’s academic level.
  • Children may make noticeable improvements in a 9 week period but the improvement is more likely to be subtle and to manifest itself after a longer period of regular tuition.
  • Extra tuition enables children to achieve their full potential at school.

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7. What do you teach?

We teach Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning, Science, Public Speaking and ICT for 6-16 year olds, using a combination of traditional methods and materials, new technology, and specially developed materials unique to The Learning Hub.

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8. How do you know what level my child is?

Before entry into The Learning Hub classes children are required to do assessment. This test which is unique to The Learning Hub allows us to determine which class will be most suitable for your child and help us to ensure that the learning is targeted appropriately to make the whole process enjoyable and beneficial.

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9. What if my child finds the work too easy?
Children sometimes often indicate that the work is too easy only because concepts and skills are being so well taught and therefore have no problems understanding or mastering the contents of the lesson. To ensure that they are improving Senior Staff constantly monitor student assessment results and reports from teachers in relation to students who may be ready for promotion. Parents, however, are welcome to request a review of their child’s placement level.

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10. Where can we find you?

We are located in the Vale Farm Sports Centre, in Wembley in North London, with our clients coming from all over London and home counties like Middlesex, Buckinhamshire, Berkshire, Essex and Kent for tuition. Click Here for Contact Details

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