Welcome to The Learning Hub

At The Learning Hub we specialise in providing quality tuition for children being prepared for the 11plus exams to gain entry into grammar and top Independent schools.

Our special courses bring together a rich and in-depth format of Verbal, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Maths and English. We use specialist subject teachers to ensure that our courses not only meet the national curriculumn standards as taught by the schools but we exceed these standards to ensure that your child excels in these core subjects.


The Learning Hub also offers a comprehensive program of ICT training events for adults who would like to gain formal qualifications and excel themselves in the world of education. All courses include full support material and pre-assessment where appropriate.

Our courses are motivational and interactive, taught by teachers using the best in teaching techniques. This traditional method ensures that we use the latest training methods available whilst giving the children the individual attention they require to feel comfortable in asking questions in subjects they do not understand.