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Olympic Gold v 11plus Gold Scholarship – London 2012

The very first task is to learn how to execute the required skills and discover if you have the potential to reach medal standards by taking our assessments to ascertain what level they are and what needs to be done to make it to Gold. During the preparation process, we also organise 11+ Mock Exams in English, Maths and Verbal-Reasoning. These are especially written for and unique to The Learning Hub and designed to push the child’s experience threshold to a new higher level.

The next set of dates for the 11plus Mock Exams: 17th June, 9th July and 11th August with the review of the papers being a week after. The 11plus Mock Exams have been specially prepared to test each skill area within the subjects and to challenge the child. Once your child has discovered the skills required to practise, then you may decide if more help is required and that a trainer/coach is required to help aim for that pass mark. This could be in the form extra lessons at The Learning Hub or may be one-to-one tuition by a qualified and experienced teacher from The learning Hub. This is very similar to every successful athlete having a great trainer pushing them to be successful.

Olympic Gold Training                    The Learning Hub 11plus Training

Coach begins by teaching basic skills       Teacher teaches basic skills and techniques

Athletic is set goals by coach                       Students are set goals targets for the 11+

Athletes skills improved by varying          Student skills and knowledge enhanced by different exercises                                         work

Coach selects appropriate training             Teacher chooses most suitable material to help the equipment for the exercise to build    student to understand topic at a higher level     up muscles and stamina

Arranges participation of athlete in       Organises student to take part in internal tests and various competitions                                  various Mock Exams to help prepare for the main                                                                                event and the actual exams

If your child is taking the 11+ entrance exams this year or you are considering it for next year, it is not too late to enrol at The Learning Hub and find your child being tutored by a experienced professionals for their 11plus and to ‘Go for Gold’ – be it either Grammar School or Scholarship at an Independent School.

Take the next step and move your child in the realm of 11+ success by ringing The Learning Hub on 020 8908 0123.


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