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Only 11plus Centre in London using NLP

The Learning Hub Group is unique in the whole of London in offering 11plus tuition to children in 1 to 1 or group tuition by utilising Neuro-linguistic Programming Language (NLP) techniques in motivating and driving the children positively forward to success.

NLP is a modern technique created in the 1970s and refers to the “stated connection between the neurological processes (“neuro“), language (“linguistic“) and behavioral patterns that have been learned through experience (“programming“) and can be organized to achieve specific goals”, as defined in Wikipedia.

The goal to improve academically and pass the 11plus exams, requires great effort and achievement for a child to succeed. In the last set of exams, many children were initially evaluated to be at SATs levels 2 at the end of their Year 4. By the time the children had finished their 11plus exams, just 14 months later many had achieved SATs level 5+ and now part of the Gifted and Talented scheme at their respective schools.

The inspiring head teacher of The Learning Hub Group, Rakesh Joshi, a Master Practitioner of NLP (the highest qualification) achievable states, “I believe every child has a right to good education and with places at Selective schools becoming more competitive, I feel the requirement for good tuition is even more important but this needs to be combined with self improvement of the child and this holds the keys to their success.”

With results that takes an average school over 3 years to achieve but being achieved in 14 months at The Learning Hub, parents are in a single opinion that it is a great place to send a child. Proof lies in the pudding as they say, so check out the website or call 020 8908 0123 and organise to have your child put on the best path to academic success.


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