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11+ Mock Results – July 12 (London)

July 12 – 11+ Mock Exams Results

The July 2012 mock exams went well with the children participating being more relaxed and confident in their approach. The feedback from the children is that the reviews held afterwards have been of great help and overall they are now feeling more and more confident of the actual 11+ exams in September.

I would like to congratulate all the children who took these 11+ exams for their enthusiasm and hard work and, confirming to parents and child, the commitment required for success.

My special congratulations go to the following top 5 individuals:

          1st Position   –        Farhia Rashid       

          2nd Position  –        Humzah Hameed   

          3rd Position  –        Lauren Mshiu         

          4th Position  –        Payal Shah             

          5th Position  –        Ankit Seghal 

(All the scores were standardised)

As mentioned previously, the June paper was tricky, to balance the level of learning experience, the July paper was made tougher by questions being more challenging and aimed at Henrietta Barnet Girls and Queen Elizabeth’s Boys School. It is here that we should be proud of our children for they very coped well, showing that hard work does bring its rewards.

Focus and concentration was high throughout the 3 hours and it was noticed that the children were more positive to the 11+ exams and achieving success.

I personally belief that all the children who will be attending our 4 weeks of 11+ Summer Workshops will benefit tremendously by given access to some of the best 11+ material. The classes will comprise of 3 hours of solid work every day and then about 3 hours of homework. That’s an incredible 6 hours of 11+ work every day!

In the meantime, I urge all the children to work hard and parents please support your children for the competition is very strong this year.

The Next & FINAL 11+ Mock Exam will be on Saturday 11th August. Its review will be on Sat.18th August. For further details please enquire now on 020 8908 0123.


IMPORTANT: We request that you kindly do not make copies of the Mock Exam papers and pass them to other people as they will be used again. Having these papers in circulation will ruin the opportunity for next year’s students to sit a paper they have never seen before in Exam Condition. Due to this risk, we are always tempted to withhold these papers, but we genuinely feel that things like returning them to parents help make The Learning Hub a Centre of Learning Excellence. The returning of the papers also allows parents to go through with their child and discover areas that require most practice.

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