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11plus Grammar School Mock Exams – June 2013

The Learning Hub June Mock Exams went very well with the children feeling more positive after the important review. Many children realised the benefit of doing them and appreciated the scale of the task they face.

The exams were based on the CEM style papers as now given by most grammar schools and comprised of three intensive papers – Maths, English and Verbal Reasoning. Each paper was 1 hour long and the intensity helped the children prepare for the actual day.

It was great to hear children telling their parents that they wished to come back for the July Mock Exams as they were learning much from the experience and from the review.

At The Learning Hub, we encourage children to experience our unique and highly respected Mock Exams as they cover all of the core topics. We also have to remembering that in some areas only one in ten grammar school applications are successful and therefore thousands children, securing a sought-after grammar school place rests on passing.

With our simulated Grammar School exams the children experience conditions required to help them in their preparation like; becoming very uncomfortable with the prospect of sitting an examination in a room filled with strangers. At The Learning Hub we have organised five Mock Exams – March 2014, June 2014, July 204, August 2014 and September 2014. All the papers are one hour long and comprise of Maths, English & Verbal Reasoning. We do this as we strongly feel that by sitting a number of Mock Exams, children are able to become familiar with the examination setting reducing any worry and distress. This then allows them to perform at their best September.

With The Learning Hub, your child will be tested against other children and a report provided showing your child’s score, percentage, standardised score and placement out of the Mock Exam group. This will allow you to judge accurately how well their preparation is coming on and what is required to be done. It has been proven that Mock Exams can provide an extremely accurate indication of the final exam positioning and multiple Mock Exams over time will allow a parent to track their child’s progress. This is a fantastic form of practice and excellent value.

For further details, or to book your child for our next Mock Exam,kindly contact us 0208 908 0123

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