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11plus Mock Exams – London & Home Counties

The Learning Hub is running its next and hugely successful Mock Exam on the following days:

11plus Mock                    11plus Mock

  Exam Date                     Review Date

17th June 2012                                   25th June 2012

9th July 2012                                       16th July 2012

  11th August 2011                            18st August 2012

What do the 11plus Mock Exams comprise of?

The Learning Hub has a solid history of running successful mock exams and in order to benefit as many children as possible, we run the following exams on the day:

  • 11plus Maths
  • 11plus Verbal Reasoning
  • 11plus English

Each paper is designed to stretch the child utilising our unique 11plus IQ material set in a paper to maximise this experience.

Why The Learning Hub 11plus Mock Exams?

  • Our Mock Exams are conducted under exam conditions comparable to the actual exams.
  • Mock Exams are well prepared and correctly organised.
  • Full review of the papers carried out to ensure that the child learns from their mistake.
  • Overview of Good Exam techniques and practice.
  • Papers given back containing child’s detailed scores and correct answers.
  • Open to all students in the area.
  • Recommended by many tutors and tuition centres.
  • Our exams are of the highest quality and used by many private tutors and independent preparatory schools.
  • Attendance at a mock examination builds student confidence
  • Reviewed carried out by uniquely qualified MNLP Head Teacher (Master Practitioner in Neuro-linguistic Programming)
  • All Staff are CRB checked and qualified.
  • 100% Satisfaction feedback from our customers in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011 & 2011.

Benefits of a mock exam

In many areas only one in ten grammar school applications are successful and therefore for thousands of children, securing a sought-after grammar school place rests on that all-important entrance exam.

The Learning Hub 11plus mock Exams offers children a unique experience of simulated Grammar School 11plus exam conditions in the child’s preparation. Our experience has shown that children become very uncomfortable with the prospect of sitting an exam especially when in a room filled with strangers. This frequently result in some distress or worry on the child and many good and able children then freeze up whilst doing their 11plus exams causing them to fail when success was theirs for the taking. By sitting a number of our high quality 11plus mock exams, children are able to become familiar the examination setting, reduced worry and stress.

The learning Hub 11plus mock exams will also enable you as a parent to accurately judge how well your child’s preparation is going compared with other children intending to sit the 11plus exams.  It has been proven that mock exams can provide an extremely accurate indication of the final exam positioning and multiple mock exams over time will allow a parent to track their child’s progress and fine tune the learning to enable success.

As part of our service, The Learning hub will provide parents of the results comprising of your child’s standardised score, percentage and placement out of the 11plus Mock Exam group for every test.

It has been established that sitting a number of mocks can improve a child’s performance in the Grammar School Entrance Examinations. They’re a fantastic form of practice plus the practice provided is excellent value.

For more details and to book your child for this unique and important experience then contact us on 020 8908 0123 or via our email on

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