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Why 11+ Plus Tuition

Without a doubt, the highest priority of a parent is to provide their child with the best educational opportunities in a suitable academic environment. We find, countless times, that large 30+ student classes with one teacher and the very occasional assistant, are unquestionably quite inefficient. It is quite the case that in a short one-hour school lesson, ravished with a fanatical variety of pupils, one’s child may not even have the chance to speak a word with their own teacher. How on earth the Victorians managed to have 60 student classes, I quite wonder! This, as thoughtful parents, we can all agree is not adequate, but what can we do?
Children learn far better in smaller tutor groups, as teachers can provide more attention to pupils when students are struggling in certain topic areas. We can also presume with much certainty that tuitions have a majority of students who are more motivated towards academic successes; this already reduces distractions in class, putting more focus on staying on course. The Learning Hub is a tuition centre that aims to confront the problems parents may have with their child’s quality of education in school.
Classes at the Learning Hub are designed to maximise your child’s interaction with qualified teachers to enrich their individual qualities; group classes are generally a third of the size of school classes, ensuring your child can get enough attention from dedicated teachers in chosen subjects. One may prefer a productive one-to-one, one may prefer a fun, competitive group setting, nevertheless, the Learning Hub provides your child with an educator with the resolve to make sure your child can walk the path of successful education.
Education is like the construction of a house – it takes time and effort to produce it to a good standard.
Basic memory of numerical times tables or literary proficiency is the foundation of a solid building. And, the very materials of the building are the numerous topics students learn in their subjects. The tutoring team in the Learning Hub is the architects of the building; they know and will ensure with a full effort that your child’s education is developing continuously and efficiently. Every step of the way, the devoted teachers of the Learning Hub cater to the needs of students, encouraging perfect test scores, and giving quality constructive criticisms that no thirty-member room can easily achieve.
Tuition is investment-many parents make as it provides results. Like a money box- you gently fill it with investments and in the end, you have a bundle of resources to use. Even if your child is excelling at school, it is still wise to place them intuition. Tuition builds on knowledge- the more knowledge someone has, the easier it is to do their chosen course at university or college.
Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.
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Congratulations to our students for passing their 11+!

We at the Learning Hub are very proud of the students who have managed to get through the incredibly hard first round of the 11 plus exams. These students have worked hard coming to extra workshops in the Summer and Winter just to make sure that they can excel in their 11+ exams this year.

2019 is the ninth consecutive year when our students have excelled in their 11+ exams. To the delight of parents and teachers our students have worked hard, remained motivated and gone the extra mile. It is another record breaking year here at the Hub. Most of these students have been with us for many years, the chance to practice and develop their skills with us has resulted in overwhelming success. Just see the graph below!

How teachers help

The environment we create for learning is dynamic and challenges students to achieve their true potential. Breaking down complex ideas from the syllabus we ensure students have a basic understanding before moving on to more difficult questions. We help students reach their potential overcoming obstacles such as how to approach questions and when specific knowledge should be used.

Bringing out the best in our students

We express high expectations for every student; this allows students to become self-motivated and try to work to the best of their ability. We listen to student’s needs to ensure we approach every lesson effectively. The organisation and structure of our lessons has been developed to best communicate vast amounts of knowledge and continually test our student’s ability. All of this helps inspire students to achieve the excellence reflected by our exam results.

If you would like to know more then call our staff on 0208 908 0123 and find out what we offer!

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11+ Christmas Holiday Workshop

Keep your child’s mind active during Christmas holidays. The workshop will help their brain ticking while enjoying the festive season. Few place left so apply today!

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11+ winter workshops: keep your child’s mind active this holiday season!

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, full of the joys of celebration and feasting surrounded by beautiful decorations. Often academic work is avoided for the array of Christmas activities on offer or just to indulge in a fun filled break. However, if students disengage from learning activities, there are drops in their performance and a slowing of educational progress.

The summer slump is well known in Britain to affect a student’s performance at school after they go back from the long six week holiday. A gap in learning often affects those children whose parents work, are busy looking after other siblings or a variety of other reasons which prevent them from keeping their child’s mind active with learning activities.

We at the Learning Hub pride ourselves on being able to keep young minds prepared for those vital exams the 11+ that are just round the corner for many children. Our preparation programme starts from Year 4 and goes all the way up to Year 6 when students sit the exams at the grammar or independent school of their choice. Experts say that the more time a child has spent preparing, learning new skills and practising them the better the do in the actual exam. You cannot begin this preparation early enough and with our fun setting here at the Hub our students learn while enjoying their time here.

Dates available: Thursday 27th & Friday 28th December

To find out more call 0208 908 0123

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Free Stress Management Course for Parents

These days many of us are busy juggling work, parenting, childcare and a multitude of other responsibilities for our families. It can be really challenging trying to fill all of these roles, leading to high rates of stress and anxiety. Trying to cope with stress on your own as well as everything else can be really overwhelming, so we at the Learning Hub are offering a complimentary class, run by NHS professionals, on how to reduce stress and manage your responsibilities in a way that is healthier for you and your family.

Eight out twenty of the most stressful things about being a parent relate in some way to schools whether it’s getting your child to do their homework or ensuring they are on time for their class. In fact this same research shows that most mums and dads feel stressed out for almost 2 hours every day! We will be offering some handy tips on how to negotiate some of these areas with your child to remove some of these anxious feelings and leave parents feeling more at ease with the day to day routines.

If you would like to join us on either of the dates we are running this course, please call and confirm on 0208 908 0123.

Limited places available – book now to avoid disappointment!

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Private Schools provide extra coaching for students to pass 11+ exams

An undercover BBC South East investigation into ten fee paying schools in Kent has revealed that nine out of the ten schools tutored their students in how to pass the 11+ exam. This type of coaching isn’t allowed by the local council to ensure that all students sitting such exams in the area have the same chance of doing well whether they go to a state or private school. But is it only academic ability that is being tested here?

Those who score the highest on these exams are offered places at local grammar schools with supporters arguing that selective schools provide a chance for bright students from poorer backgrounds to get a higher standard of education without having to pay school fees. However, critics say children from wealthier backgrounds have an unfair advantage because they are often coached in school, or attend private tuition.

In fact with social mobility figures in the UK at an all time low many fear that this type of coaching in private schools creates a divide between children from wealthier backgrounds destined for university and good jobs, and children from working-class backgrounds destined for less lucrative roles. The consequences of this early start in the right school can have a long term effect on the make up of society. As we are well aware the worlds of journalism, politics, law and the arts are dominated by those who have studied at elite schools. The school you attend, as well as the network of peers you connect with, can determine the future success of your career.

In light of this many feel that both state and private schools should be allowed to prepare their students for the 11+ exams as they do for any other test, this would be the most obvious way of ensuring a level playing field according to members of Kent council as well as the CEO for the Independent Schools Association. What do you think the best solution is?

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Free 11+ Open Evenings for Parents of Year 4 and 5 children

Do you want to know more about what your child needs to do to pass the 11+? If so why not pop down to one of our free open evenings. We will be handing out a complimentary 11+ fact sheet to help you guide your child through the 11+ process. Here’s what some of our other parents have said about our open evenings:

I didn’t realise just how much preparation was needed from the parent’s side. Mr Patel

My daughter felt reassured talking to someone her age who had been through the entire 11+ process the year before. Mrs Ali

I wish I’d heard about the Learning Hub when my son was in year 4! The methods and skills from the 11+ programme helped focus Amir towards success. Mr Syed

Year 5 Open Evening on the 6th November at 7.30pm. Fully Booked!

Year 4 Open Evening on the 14th November at 7.30pm. Fully Booked!

Additional dates due to popular demand: Year 4: 5th November at 4.30 pm

                    Year 5: 5th November at 6 pm or 9th November at 7.30 pm

Copy of schoolsupplydrive by Geena Patel

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What makes a good tuition centre?

All parents find it difficult to know which tuition centre to choose. Here are the 5 Golden Rules for choosing a good tuition centre:

1. Aesthetically inviting classroom environment. When a tuition centre possesses visually pleasing surroundings, it creates positive impressions for your child. Having to study extra hours outside of school can be a chore for most children so clean, bright and well-maintained classrooms can significantly take away feelings of apprehension and dread when it comes to learning.

2. Comprehensive content and engaging way of teaching. It is always a good choice to go for a tuition centre who employs tutors that know their craft. A good coach demonstrates a deep understanding of your child’s weak subjects by pitching at standards that are relatable to their students’ level of understanding.

3. Open school-home connection. One of the main purposes of enrolling your child in a tuition centre is to keep your son or daughter abreast with their school’s curriculum. Naturally, parents should be kept up-to-date of their child’s learning progress, as well as their homework, and other curriculum-related matters.

4. Healthy socio-emotional learning environment. A tuition centre that employs tutors who have empathy and compassion towards students is a great indication that the faculty is well-run. Tutors must be more patient and encouraging for them to fully unleash their student’s potential.

5. Detailed monitoring of tutees’ progress. Good tuition centres require teachers and coaches to give regular formative assessments of their students, as well as constructive feedback.

What the Learning Hub offers:

1. We’ve invested in our classrooms ensuring they provide an optimal atmosphere for learning.

2. We keep class sizes small, ensuring we give your child the individual attention and support they deserve in order to help them excel academically.

3. Personalised meetings with parents to discuss student progress is only part of the way we partner with parents to ensure our students receive all the help they need.

4. Our dedicated, qualified teachers work on boosting a child’s confidence in the areas they are struggling.

5. We have regular tests in class to ensure students are picking up on the new concepts and skills we teach.

Get in touch to find out more about everything that we offer!


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Is Literacy a problem in the UK?

Copy of Flat Illustration Infographic by Geena Patel

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Our Top Five Tips on getting children to read more…

5 ways to get you children by Geena Patel

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