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The New Schools Admissions Code that has come into effect from February 2012 for admissions Entry in September 2013, states that schools must take all reasonable steps to inform parents of the outcome of tests before the closing deadline for applications on October 31st 2012. This obviously has caused many parents to panic as the timescales has been brought in some  cases by as many as three months.

There are many Boroughs in and around London that have Grammar schools and all of these have their own set of 11plus exams.  Many parents write to us concerned about what they should do in respect to these 11plus exams. Normally it would be a simple rule of checking what that school in that Borough had previously and prepare for that.

Unfortunately, this is no longer the case and we recommend parents to ring up the local London Borough that the school is in and ask them what type of 11plus exams are carried out. To help parents, I have listed below some details of the London Boroughs that may be of help:

Barnet Borough Council –   English, mathematics and Verbal & Non Verbal Reasoning
Tel: 020 8359 2000  –

Bexley Borough Council –   Written English, mathematics, Verbal and Nonverbal Reasoning
Tel: 020 8303 7777   –

Bromley Borough Council –   English, mathematics, Verbal and Nonverbal Reasoning
Tel: 020 8464 3333  –

Enfield Borough Council –   English, mathematics and Nonverbal Reasoning
Tel: 020 8366 6565    –

Kingston Upon Thames Borough Council –   Various
Tel: 020 8546 2121  –

Redbridge Borough Council –    Verbal and Nonverbal Reasoning
Tel: 020 8478 3020  –

Surrey County Council –   Verbal and Nonverbal Reasoning
Tel: 08456 009 009  –

Sutton Borough Council –    English, mathematics and Verbal Reasoning
Tel: 020 8770 6500  –

Wandsworth Borough Council –   Verbal and Nonverbal Reasoning
Tel: 020 8871 6000  –

This page will be updated as we are updated by the various schools for their respective 11plus exams. Parents are advised that this list is not exhaustive and should double with the schools of their choice.

The Learning Hub has been conducting 11plus Mock tests in London for over 12 years and is probably one of the pioneers in this field, helping hundreds of children to achieve success in the actual papers.

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