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Why 11+ Plus Tuition

Without a doubt, the highest priority of a parent is to provide their child with the best educational opportunities in a suitable academic environment. We find, countless times, that large 30+ student classes with one teacher and the very occasional assistant, are unquestionably quite inefficient. It is quite the case that in a short one-hour school lesson, ravished with a fanatical variety of pupils, one’s child may not even have the chance to speak a word with their own teacher. How on earth the Victorians managed to have 60 student classes, I quite wonder! This, as thoughtful parents, we can all agree is not adequate, but what can we do?
Children learn far better in smaller tutor groups, as teachers can provide more attention to pupils when students are struggling in certain topic areas. We can also presume with much certainty that tuitions have a majority of students who are more motivated towards academic successes; this already reduces distractions in class, putting more focus on staying on course. The Learning Hub is a tuition centre that aims to confront the problems parents may have with their child’s quality of education in school.
Classes at the Learning Hub are designed to maximise your child’s interaction with qualified teachers to enrich their individual qualities; group classes are generally a third of the size of school classes, ensuring your child can get enough attention from dedicated teachers in chosen subjects. One may prefer a productive one-to-one, one may prefer a fun, competitive group setting, nevertheless, the Learning Hub provides your child with an educator with the resolve to make sure your child can walk the path of successful education.
Education is like the construction of a house – it takes time and effort to produce it to a good standard.
Basic memory of numerical times tables or literary proficiency is the foundation of a solid building. And, the very materials of the building are the numerous topics students learn in their subjects. The tutoring team in the Learning Hub is the architects of the building; they know and will ensure with a full effort that your child’s education is developing continuously and efficiently. Every step of the way, the devoted teachers of the Learning Hub cater to the needs of students, encouraging perfect test scores, and giving quality constructive criticisms that no thirty-member room can easily achieve.
Tuition is investment-many parents make as it provides results. Like a money box- you gently fill it with investments and in the end, you have a bundle of resources to use. Even if your child is excelling at school, it is still wise to place them intuition. Tuition builds on knowledge- the more knowledge someone has, the easier it is to do their chosen course at university or college.
Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.

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